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Social Science Data Resources: Gallup

Guide to finding resources for research related to the social sciences.

COVID-19 Panel Data

COVID-19 panel data set available.  Gallup has produced a dataset from a web survey of US adults starting in March 2020 including questions about wellbeing, employment, children, health, and the coronavirus. The complete methodology and codebook of questions is located here.

Gallup Analytics

Gallup Analytics is a searchable database of current and historical public opinion polling data.  You can perform searches by topic, geography or keyword. 

Coverage for US national data covers over 80 years for many variables and roughly 10 years for state and MSA  data.   Global coverage covers over 160 countries for the past 10+ years. 

The platform displays data as tables, charts, and maps. 

More information on the methodology of Gallup Analytics can be found here.

Gallup Microdata

Yale licenses the Gallup Microdata for the exclusive use of the Yale Community.  This microdata covers both the US and World Polling data.  You can view the codebook and questions here.   The data files are available in SPSS and Stata formats.

The World Poll Reference Tool offers a graphical interface to explore the World Poll dataset.  Just create and account and you can explore and download data. A guide to using the tool is located here.

Also available are the Gallup Poll Social Series (GPSS).  These surveys are designed  to monitor U.S. adults' views on numerous social, economic, and political topics--including mood of the nation, world affairs, the environment, the economy and personal finance, values and beliefs, minority relations, consumption, work and education, governance, crime and health care.

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