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Social Science Data Resources: L2 Political

Guide to finding resources for research related to the social sciences.

About L2 Political

Yale University has licensed access to the L2 Political Academic Voter File. This data contains every registered voter in the United States and includes basic socio-demographic indicators (some of which are modeled), consumer preferences, political party affiliation, voting history, and more. 

L2 Political data is available as raw data files and through the DataMapping platform.

How to Access L2

For access to the data and the DataMapping platform please complete this form. 

The raw voter file data is hosted on a Storage@Yale share.   The data files are large.  Most researchers are interested in the the raw data but find the DataMapping platform an excellent way to understand the structure of the data and answer questions on a smaller scale.   Researchers requesting access to the data will be given access to the raw files and provided a DataMapping login. 

Training Resources & Help