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History of Christianity Guide: Early

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4. Library of Congress Subject Headings

The following is a list of the major Library of Congress subject headings for the history of ancient Christianity. A subject search in Orbis with these headings will bring up general works under these categories as well as further sub-headings.

  • Church history--Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600
  • Fathers of the church
  • Christian literature, Early
  • Christianity--Origin
  • Christian antiquities
  • Christian art and symbolism--To 500
  • Art, Early Christian

Many works on early Christianity are organized in the LC system under more specific subject areas. When searching for information on a particular topic, one can narrow the search to ancient Christianity as follows:

  • [topic, e.g. Baptism, Mysticism]--History--Early church, ca. 30-600
  • [topic, e.g. Jesus Christ, Trinity]--History of doctrines--Early church, ca. 30-600

The correct forms for topics (to fill in the bracketed space) are most easily found from other Orbis records. Do a keyword search for the topic desired and check the LC subject headings of the works listed.

For major subject headings, the Orbis system also presents a list of additional headings under the note "Search also under." These headings are either related general subjects or related narrower topics. Selecting the line number for one of these offered headings will automatically execute the search.