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History of Christianity Guide: Medieval

1. Research Guides & Bibliographies

3. Atlases & Geographical Sources

2. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

4. Library of Congress Subject Headings

  • Christian Biography
  • Christian Hagiography
  • Christian Life
  • Christian Pilgrims and Pilgrimages
  • Christian Saints
  • Christian Sects, Medieval
  • Church History
  • Civilization, Medieval
  • Liturgics
  • Middle Ages
  • Monasticism and Religious Orders (One may also search by the name of the order as well)

Most of these headings can be searched more specifically with the subheadings:

  • --history
  • --history--middle ages, 600-1500
  • --middle ages, 600-1500

Also, the subheading: "--History of Doctrines--middle ages, 600-1500" can be used for most theological topics (e.g.: "Salvation--history of doctrines--middle ages, 600-1500"). In addition, many related fields will have a heading specific to the middle ages, such as "Architecture, medieval."

Depending on one's area of research, it is also often possible to access information through a geographical subject heading (name of region/country--church history), or through the name of an individual in whom one is interested, or the name of a denomination or sect. For the latter, "Catholic Church" is used in LCSH as a pattern heading; that is, all subheadings that are widely used for religions and religious organizations are to be found under the Catholic Church heading. Additional subheadings that are specific to a religious group may be found under that group's own heading.