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Manuscripts and Archives (Repository) Guide to Collections on 20th-Century Medical Care and Health Policy: About this Guide

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About Manuscripts and Archives (Repository)

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What's Here

The Contemporary Medical Care and Health Policy Collection Subject Guide is an annotated list of personal papers and organization records in Manuscripts and Archives that document the development, evolution, and politics of health care and health policy in the United States during the twentieth century. The collection reveals the fundamental basis upon which health policies are generated, modified, and promoted; the processes that led to critical legislation and programmatic decisions; and the interrelationships among the individuals and organizations represented.

The papers and records document the genesis and development of a number of issues, including patterns of medical care in different settings, the best means to organize and to assure access, availability and quality of health services, and the role of government in financing health care.

Covering most of the twentieth century, the collection helps reveal how the field of medical care developed in the U.S. between the early forties, when it was struggling for legitimacy, to the mid-sixties, when it became an academic and professional discipline in its own right.

The guide, though not comprehensive, lists the most substantive sources in Manuscripts and Archives. It is organized alphabetically by collection name.  Choose an alphabetic range or view a list of all the collections by choosing the appropriate tab above. 

The Contemporary Medical Care and Health Policy Collection includes personal papers and organizational records from the following:

  • American Public Health Association
  • Baehr, George
  • Baum, Kenneth
  • Bouhuys, Arend
  • Burney, Leroy E.
  • Cohart, Edward M.
  • Connecticut Public Health Association
  • Connecticut Regional Medical Program
  • Darling, George B.
  • Dobihal, Edward F. Jr.
  • Esselstyn, Caldwell B.
  • Falk, Isidore S.
  • Falk, Leslie A.
  • Fisher, Irving
  • Foote, Franklin M.
  • Goldmann, Franz
  • Greenburg, Leonard
  • Hiscock, Ira V.
  • Hyde, Lee
  • Kaplan, Robert
  • Kerr, Lorin E.
  • Krantz, Goldie
  • Marti-Ibañez, Felix
  • Mayers, Harold J.
  • Milbank Memorial Fund
  • Morrissey, Edward F.
  • Peters, John Punnett
  • Pond, Martin Allen
  • Robertson, Alexander Duff
  • Roemer, Milton Irwin
  • Rosen, George
  • Rosenfeld, Leonard S.
  • Sedgwick, William Thompson
  • Sigerist, Henry E.
  • Silver, George A.
  • Sinai, Nathan
  • Snoke, Albert W.
  • Somers, Anne R.
  • Somers, Herman M.
  • Terris, Milton
  • Viseltear, Arthur J.
  • Weinerman, E. Richard
  • Winslow, Charles-Edward Amory
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital



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