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Manuscripts and Archives (Repository) Guide to Collections on Law: Judges

A guide to Yale Manuscripts and Archives law-related collections.

Partial Collections List: Judges

The papers of local, state, and federal judges are among the many interesting law-related materials that the Manuscripts and Archives Department contains. These papers often offer interesting insights into jurists' judicial philosophy, the reasoning behind particular judicial decisions, and their personal lives. 

As the sample collections below indicate, judges' papers typically include a variety of documents that are valuable for a variety of research purposes. In addition to docket information and other court documents that reveal the inner workings of judicial chambers, these papers also include professional correspondence and files that document certain judges' extrajudicial work (e.g. service on legal reform task forces and committees). Some collections include material that relate to judges' careers before and after their time on the bench.

If the judge that you are interested in does not appear on the list below, try: