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Manuscripts and Archives (Repository) Guide to Collections on Law: Yale Faculty

A guide to Yale Manuscripts and Archives law-related collections.

Partial Collections List: Yale Faculty

MSSA's holdings include the personal and professional papers of some of Yale's most prominent legal scholars. This material varies widely in scope and substance, but as a whole covers the wide range of legal thought and practice that Yale faculty helped to develop during the 19th and 20th centuries. (Please note that most of the papers are from the 20th century.)

In addition to material that documents faculty members' teaching and scholarship, these collections also contain information about these law professors' professional activities, including government service and legal practice. Some collections also include documentation of these scholars' involvement in notable legal cases.

The partial list below provides a good sample of the type of material available within this area. If the scholar that you are interested in does not appear on this list, try: