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Native American History Primary Sources: Hawaii

A guide to Yale primary source collections that support teaching and research in Native American History.


 Bidwell Family Papers. The papers consist of correspondence, writings, legal and financial documents, and other papers of six generations of Bidwell family members. Principal figures include Barnabas Bidwell (1763-1833), lawyer and politician in Massachusetts and Kingston, Ontario; and his son, Marshall Spring Bidwell (1799-1872), lawyer and politician in Kingston and New York City. Included are letters commenting on legislation regarding Indian affairs and treatises, as well as a few letters by Mercy Patridge Whitney, a missionary in Hawaii.

Loram (Charles Templeman) Papers. The papers consist of correspondence, articles, reports, notes, lectures, memorabilia, and other papers of Charles Templeman Loram, educator and professor of education in South Africa and at Yale. He was a participant in seminars and conferences on the American Indian and Pacific Islanders, and there is a group of papers of the Boulder Seminar (1937) on American Indians. Included are papers on the Navajos, Hawaiians, and Indian missions.


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