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Conservation for Cultural Heritage Collections: Museums, Libraries and Archives: ART 524

Course Overview

ART 524b

Materials and Techniques Seminar

Mark Aronson
Chief Painting Conservator
Yale Center for British Art
203 432 2805

This class is meant to be an opportunity to learn and teach each other “stuff” about painting materials and techniques, mostly traditional. The classes will be divided between demonstrations and recipe making (cooking), making paintings (tasting) and discussing materials (critique).

Assignments and Reading


1. )  A class tour of your studio (DONE DURING 2nd CLASS MEETING)

2.)  Make paintings outside of class (the following issues can overlap)

  • A painting on a dark colored ground
  • A painting on a light colored ground
  • A painting on a solid support
  • A painting on a flexible support
  • Use of opaque paint
  • Use of transparent paint

3.)  Stretch a canvas, prepare a ground layer, paint on it (Stretching should be done during class)

4.)  Prepare a presentation a.) in front of a work of art in one of the two Yale museums OR b.)

solve a technical problem and present it to the class.  Length of presentations will ultimately depend on how many people are in the class.  Presentations will take place November 19th. 

a.)  Explain and discuss an artist’s technique standing in front of a painting at one of the two museums.  Research the painting techniques with library/on-line sources, in the case of a living artist you can also contact them and ask how they did it.  Compare the research you have done to what you have observed directly on the painting.

b.)  Solve a difficult technical problem you are having in your studio and present the solution in a class presentation.  Problems can be specific to your painting, or a theoretical problem.  For example, can you get paint to crack right away?  In one inch increments or in 1/8 inch increments?  Can you cast a pure film of acrylic resin and stretch it without the need of canvas?  Is there something you have observed in your paint you don’t like and can you make it go away?


 Books on Technique You Might Wish to Consult

Bomford, David

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Bomford, David

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Bomford, David

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