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Manuscripts and Archives holdings related to Japan: Japan at War


Examples of Collections

World War II collection, 1937-2008.

MS 688

Included are Allied leaflets addressed to Japanese soldiers urging them to surrender and leaflets issued by Japan addressed to Allied troops urging surrender; documents on postwar planning; war reports on "Attack Upon Pearl Harbor by Japanese Armed Forces" and "Japan's Struggle to End the War;" a garrison book; Japanese ship identification cards used by Allied war planes to identify Japanese ships; and photographs of war planes.


Howard Lee Haag papers, 1916-1967 (inclusive). 

MS 621

 A smaller amount of material documents Haag's work in the Philippine Islands (1935-1941), in Japan (1950-1954) and in Bridgeport, Conn. from 1942 to 1950 and again from 1954 to 1961. Information on the work of the YMCA is included both in reports and memoranda (1921-1961) and in letters from colleagues in China, Japan, and the Soviet Union. A series of travel notebooks (1921-1935) contain observations on local conditions in Manchuria, China, Japan, Korea and some of the major cities of Europe. 


Burmese Archive collection, 1943-1945 (inclusive) 

MS 113

The documents record the establishment of Independent Burma in August 1943 and continue with letters, memoranda and other papers dealing with the problems of continued Japanese occupation.


David J. Piel papers, 1930-1949 (inclusive). 

MS 1892 

The papers include bound sketchbooks of watercolor drawings and captions by David Piel depicting military and local civilian life during World War II in the South Pacific, as well as related correspondence, memorabilia, military transmittals, newspaper clippings, and photographs. 


Robert Wilbar Wilson papers, 1912-1975 (inclusive). 

MS 1900

Involved in the planning of invasions of Japan. 


Lawrence M. DiFilippo, Class of 1938, Yale College, letters concerning his experiences in World War II.

RU 334

Letters document DiFilippo's experiences of the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during World War II.


Katharine R. H. Lyman papers, 1932-1937.

MS 1914

Papers, including correspondence and photographs, partially document the life of a social worker and her physician husband in Peking leading up to the capture of Peking by the Japanese in 1937, and their trip to escape from China.


William Winston Pettus papers, 1928-1945.

MS 786

Includes an unpublished manuscript, "The Five-Day Occupation by the Japanese," 1941.


William E. and Myra L. Parsons papers, 1939.

MS 1033

The sixteen letters written by Myra Parsons to members of the family, describe the cruise from San Francisco to Manila via Japan and China, and a collision of the ship with a Japanese freighter in Shanghai harbor which she ascribes to possible Japanese ill will. The subject of the inevitability of a Japanese take-over of the Philippines and the possibility of war in Asia is also mentioned, as is the war in Europe.


Ogden Rogers Reid papers, 1925-1982 (inclusive). 

MS 755 

Reid's activities as a public relations officer for the Eleventh Airborne Division in occupied Japan are documented in the papers.  Also included are copies of servicemen's newspapers; a run of Shin-Iwato-Nippo (1945-1946), the first English language newspaper published in post-war Japan.