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Ecology and Evolution - Selected Information Resources: Awards and Prizes

Awards and Prizes

Awards and prizes mentioned here are not necessarily bestowed every year.  Check with the organization for more details. This information was culled from a variety of sources over the past few years.

University of Southern California: Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement

Ecological Society of America: Murray F Buell Award, 1973-; E Lucy Braun Award, 1988-, for best student poster presentation at the Society's Annual Meeting; Distinguished Service citation, 1975-; Eminent Ecologist, 1973-; MacArthur Award, 1983-; George Mercer Award, 1948-, ESA Microbial Ecology Section Awards (for members of ESA and the Microbial Ecology section): UCS-ESA-SS  Ecoservice Award, Academic Excellence Award for Young Women in Ecology, National and International Travel Awards, Best Undergraduate Presentation Award, Outstanding Student Research in Ecology Award, Eco-Vision Competition

Botanical Society of America: Ecological Section Award. for best student paper in ecology; George R Cooley Award for best paper in plant systematics; New York Botanical Garden Award, 1986-.

Prix Leo Parizeau: awarded to Canadian citizens for significant achievement in the natural sciences.

Society of Systematic Zoology: Ernst Mayr Student Award

American Institute of Biological Sciences: Education Award; Congressional Science Fellowship

Society for Marine Mammalogy: Emily B Shane Award; Frederic Fairfield Memorial Fund Award; Robin Best Memorial Award

National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America: Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal for work in zoology or paleontology; Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal to recognize published research on algae

Herpetologists' League: Herpetologists' League Graduate Research Award, Distinguished Herpetologist Lecture Series, Meritorious Teaching Award in Herpetology

International Society of Chemical Ecology: ISCE Silver Medal Award, ISCE Silverstein-Simeone Lecture Award, Student Travel Awards, Honorary Life Membership, Outstanding Service Awards

Society for Conservation Biology: distinguished contributions to Conservation Biology Award given annually

American Society of Naturalists: Sewall Wright Award, 1991- given annually. Honors a senior but active investigator.

American Society for Microbiology: Awards for Educators, Service Awards, Students' & Young Investigators' Awards, General Meeting Award

International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT): Awards

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