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Writing for Divinity Students: Writing for Divinity

This guide lists both basic writing resources and more specialized guides for theology and religious studies.

YDS Writing Specialist


This guide lists resources in a variety of formats that will help students become better writers. Here you will find basic handbooks on grammar, syntax and punctuation, as well as specialized guides to assist in writing a biblical exegesis paper or theology essay.  Also included are research guides, style manuals, and information on citation management programs supported by Yale.

These pages will also provide information on how to contact the YDS Writing Tutor, and feature books and articles recommended by faculty members. This site is a work in progress, so don't hesitate to recommend your favorite writing resources!

YDS Specific Resources

Reading Strategies

Featured Book

One of the best ways to learn how to write is to READ! This book guides you through the process of learning how to effectively "read" books and articles in preparation for your own research and writing.