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E&EB 230 Field Ecology: Selected Books

This guide highlights information resources related to the ecology of salt marshes, deciduous forests, intertidal areas, brooks, islands, and mountain habitats

Selected Books



World of the Salt Marsh: appreciating and protecting the tidal marshes of the southeastern Atlantic coast  2012

Australian Saltmarsh Ecology 2009 location 

Human Impacts on Salt Marshes: a global perspective 2009 location 

Field Guide to Tidal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States and Neighboring Canada: vegetation of beaches, tidal flats, rocky shores, marshes, swamps, and coastal ponds  2009 paper ed. location 

North American Temperate Deciduous Forest Responses to Changing Precipitation Regimes 2003 paper ed. location 

Tropical Deciduous Forest of Alamos: biodiversity of a threatened ecosystem in Mexico 2000 location 

Forests in Peril: tracking deciduous trees from ice-age refuges into the greenhouse world 2002 location 

Forest Dynamics and Disturbance Regimes: studies from temperate evergreen-deciduous forests 2002 paper ed. location 

Temperate Forest Biomes 2008 location 

Broadleaf Deciduous Forest in Southern Vietnam and Their Sustainable Management 2006 location 

Eastern Deciduous Forest: ecology and wildlife conservation 2000 location 

Ecosystem Modeling in Cobs Cook Bay, Maine: a boreal, macro-tidal estuary 2004 location 

Theory of Island Biogeography revised ed. 2001 location  

Island Biogeography: ecology, evolution, and conservation 2007 paper ed. location 

Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America North of Mexico 2nd ed. 2011 location 

Plants on Islands: diversity and dynamics on a continental archipelago 2006 paper ed. location 

Alpine Plant Life: functional plant ecology of high mountain ecosystems 2003 location 

Guide to Mapping Intertidal Eelgrass and Nonvegetated Habitats in Estuaries of the Pacific Northwest USA 2007

Oxidative Stress in Aquatic Ecosystems 2012 paper ed. location 

Survey of the Shallow Water and Intertidal Benthic Invertebrates at Three Sites in the Vicinity of the Chalk Point Seam Electric Station: final report; a study conducted for the Patuxent River Damage Assessment of the Chalk Point Oil Spill  2000[?]

Wave-Swept Shore: the rigors of life on a rocky coast 2006 paper ed. location 

Monitoring Rocky Shores 2006 paper ed. location 

Biogeographic Assessment of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary: a review of boundary expansion concepts for NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program 2005

Ancient Lakes: biodiversity, ecology and evolution 2000

Balance of Nature and Human Impact 2013 location 

Aquatic Biosystems 2012

Limnology of the Red Lake, Romania: an interdisciplinary study 2013

Great Lakes: lessons in participatory governance 2012 location 

Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments: data handling and numerical techniques 2012

Lake Kivu: limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake 2012

Biology of Island Floras 2011 location  

Connectivity Conservation Management: a global guide (with particular reference to mountain connectivity conservation) 2010 location 

Evolution of Island Mammals: adaptation and extinction of placental mammals on islands 2010 location 

Insect Conservation and Islands 2008 location 

Living Resources and Habitats of the Lower Connecticut River 2001 location 

Plant Ecology, Herbivory, and Human Impact in Nordic Mountain Birch Forests 2005 paper ed. location 


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