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La Convivencia: Christian, Islamic and Jewish Cultures in Medieval Iberia: Art Indexes and Databases

Muslims, Christians, and Jews co-existed for over seven centuries in the geographic area known as Al-Andalus or Moorish Spain resulting in the interplay of cultural ideas between the 3 religious groups.



Mudejar Ivory Box

Bote de Zamora, c. 964

Article Indexes covering Art History

Art Source
Citations to articles from American and foreign periodicals and museum bulletins dealing with history of art, architecture and related disciplines. Full-text coverage for selected periodicals is also included. Art Abstracts also indexes reproductions of works of art that appear in indexed periodicals. 

Art Index Retrospective
Cumulates citations to Art Index volumes 1-32 of the printed index published between 1929-1984. Retrospective index to Art Full Text.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the arts and humanities. It fully covers 1,144 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals, and it indexes individually selected, relevant items from over 6,800 major science and social science journals.

Over one million images, many from museum collections, searchable by keyword and browsable by medium, time period, etc. Register and log in to download JPEGs to your computer. Create your own details by zooming in and downloading JPEGs of zoomed-in views.

Avery Index to Archtectural Periodicals

Indexes articles published worldwide on architecture and design, archaeology, city planning, interior design, and historical preservation.

Bibliography of the History of Art
Citations and abstracts of art-related books, conference proceedings and dissertations, exhibition and dealer's catalogs, and articles from more than 2,500 periodicals covering current writing on Western fine arts, history of art and architecture. As of April 1, 2010, the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) will be available free of charge on the Getty Web site

Contains electronic subject catalogs of publications on the history of art and the ancient world. Our subscription includes the subject catalogue of European pre- and early history and the archeology of the Roman provinces in the RGK (Roman-Germanic Commission) in Frankfurt, and the Realkatalog of the DAI (German Archaeological Institute) in Rome.

Contains a wide range of multilingual, multidisciplinary information in the humanities, social sciences, and economics . Strong in religion, the history of art, and literature, with emphasis on current trends in European and world literature. Includes serials, journal articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, French dissertations, exhibition catalogs, and more.

Humanities Full Text
A bibliographic database that cites articles from more than 350 English-language periodicals, plus full-text of over 95 of those periodicals. It covers the fields of archaeology and classical studies, art and photography, history, and much more.

Index Islamicus
Indexes literature on Islam, the Middle East, and the Muslim world. Records included in the database cover almost a century of publications, with some going back to 1906. The print edition extends coverage back to 1605.

Index of Christian Art
The Index of Christian Art database contains over 20,000 work of art records which are accompanied by over sixty thousand images in color and black and white.  The index records works of art produced without geographical limitations from early apostolic times up to A.D. 1400.

International Bibliography of Art
The definitive resource for scholarly literature on Western art, IBA is the successor to the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA), and retains the editorial policies which made BHA one of the most trusted and frequently consulted sources in the field. The database includes records created by the Getty Research Institute in 2008-09, with new records created by ProQuest using the same thesaurus and authority files.

Oxford Art Online (Grove)
Oxford Art Online is the access point for Grove Art Online, the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, and other Oxford art reference resources.  Grove Art Online is the foremost scholarly art encyclopedia, covering both Western and non-Western art.  It features articles, bibliographies for further research, and thousands of searchable images made available through Oxford’s partnerships with museums, galleries, and other outstanding arts organizations.