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MGT 410 - Competitor: Company Information

Please Note

Resources were covered in the live class sessions on October 26 & 28 are noted in bold text on this page. 

About SEC Filings

All publicly-held companies in the US must file financial information with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

  • Form 10-K (contains audited annual financial statements)
  • Form 10-Q (contains unaudited quarterly financial statements)
  • Form 8-K (current information including preliminary earnings announcements)
  • Registration statements including Form S-1 (general registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933, used for new issuers) and Form F-6 (registration statement used by foreign issuers of American Depositary Receipts).

For more information, see the SEC's Beginners' Guide to Financial Statements.

Essential EDGAR Links

EDGAR is freely available online.

Databases That Collect SEC Filings

Private and VC-Backed Company Information

Locating information on Private Companies can be difficult - especially financial information. The following databases will have some information. Tip: check multiple source to determine of the figures are accurate. 

News on private companies can be an excellent source of information. Try Factiva.

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