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Conservation & Exhibition Strategies: Designing a Conservation Lab

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Gates Gallery

Main Treatment Workspace, South-East - Gates Conservation Lab

Oversized Rolled Maps Housing Project - Gates Conservation Lab

Box-Cutting Machine Room - Gates Conservation Lab

Working in Aqueous/Solvent Room

First Conservation Intern - Gates Conservation Lab

Mending Maps - Gates Conservation Lab

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Center for Preservation and Conservation

Yale Class Visit - Gates Conservation Lab

Oversized Lining Treatment, Aqueous/Solvent Treatment Room - Gates Conservation Lab

Book Presses, Main Treatment Workspace - Gates Conservation Lab

Photo Documentation Studio - Gates Conservation Lab

Storage, Exhibition Preparation Room

Fumehood and Suction Table, Aqueous/Solvent Room - Gates Conservation Lab

Fume Extractor Trunk, Main Treatment Workspace - Gates Conservation Lab

Main Treatment Workspace, North-West, Gates Conservation Lab

Main Treatment Workspace, North-East - Gates Conservation Lab

Willard Washing Sink

Conservator Paula Zyats working on a portolan chart.

Conservation technician Jake Shonborn working in the lab

Exhibits Program Manager Kerri Sancomb and Exhibits Technician Sarah Davis work on matting and framing.

Conservator Laura O'Brien-Miller repairing a textblock in the Gates Lab.

Conservation Technician Alexa Machnik contructs housings (the Kasemake machine is in the background)

Article about the new Library Center for Preservation and Conservation