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Preventive Conservation: Home

What is Preventive Conservation? It is all measures and actions aimed at avoiding and minimizing future deterioration or loss. They are carried out within the context or on the surroundings of an item, but more often a group of items, whatever their age a

Welcome to Preventive Conservation!

Welcome to Preventive Conservation! We are a unit with Preservation and Conservation Services (PCS), Conservation and Exhibit Strategies (CES). Our unit usually is the starting place for preservation questions and consultations, so feel free to reach out to us at our unit email address.

Our unit is responsible for commercial binding, general and special collections housing, environmental monitoring and analysis, emergency planning and response, integrated pest management (IPM), registrarial activities, collections packing, shipping, and transport, care and handling, and education and outreach.

***In an emergency involving collections material, please call 475-301-4519 immediately.***