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Library Resources for Summer Students: Online Materials

A guide to Yale University Library resources for students taking summer classes.

How To Access Online Content

In order to access most content, you must be connected to the correct wifi network, Yale Secure (which requires a netID). Access to online journals, books, etc. requires Yale authentication. If you are not connected via Yale Secure, you will not be able to access most online resources. If you are on campus, simply sign into Yale Secure network. If you want to use Yale's online resources off-campus, you must install a program called VPN - find out how here.

Digital Collections

Yale grants students access to a wide array or resources, including high-resolution digital scans of manuscripts, photographs and art pieces. Digital collections include the Yale Daily News Historical Archive, the Arabic and Persian Medical Books and Manuscripts.

Yale's "digital collections" are searchable using the Yale University Library Digital Collections repository.

For a list of arts databases that Yale is licensed to use, click here.


Aside from the vast number of physical volumes Yale owns, the library also offers e-books students can check out.

You can filter Orbis searches for online books. Simply click on the “quick limits” dropdown menu and select “online books and serials” (Note: you can only use this filter if you are searching by “keyword” or “title” which can be selected by clicking the dropdown menu right of the white search box).

There are many services Yale uses for e-books, among them Overdrive and Ebrary. Some websites only allow you to view the eBook online. For those websites that allow you to "check out" (download) the ebook for a limited time period, Adobe Digital Editions is a helpful reading app you can download for free here.