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U.S. Census Resources: About this guide

Resources for finding United States Census of Population and Housing data and statistics, as well as other U.S. Census Bureau products: covers decennial censuses, estimates and projections, and the American Community Survey.

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What you'll find in this guide

Why the U.S. Census of Population and Housing?

  • Constitutional requirement that every person in nation be counted at least once every 10 years beginning in 1790;
  • Primary purpose of the census is to provide population counts for reapportionment in determining number of representatives in the House of Representatives;
  • Primary source of data for small geographic areas;
  • Many Federal programs distribute funds based upon data from the census, i.e., population, income and employment.

This is what you'll find in the different tabs of this guide:

  • Census Resources: finding data and statistics from the censuses that have been conducted in the USA every ten years since 1790, as well as the American Community Survey, and other data resources.
  • Survey Information: explanations of the various U.S. Census Bureau surveys and products.
  • Tools and Reference Guides: companion information for getting the most out of the Census data resources: terminology, geography, tools, etc.
  • Connecticut and the Census: data and statistics resources for CT, including information about the 1967 New Haven Special Census.

What you won't find in this guide:

  • Resources for genealogical research (finding individuals in the census); for that type of census research, consult this brief guide.

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