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YUL Interface Documents: Orbis

For all library staff. This is a place to document all changes and decisions to library interfaces.

Orbis Changes

Issue/Change Requested Requestor Notes Status
Remove maps from holdings display. Maps are not being maintained and some are out of date.  Katie Bauer Completed July 2013 Done
Remove Course Reserves Tab. Functionality to be replaced by Ares, lookup occurs in Classes Tom Bruno Completed July 2013 Done
Add link to request putting item on reserves Tom Bruno Open
Add the persistent URL to the information sent in email from an Orbis record. Anonymous web request Open
It would be helpful if there was a button/link on a book's information page that would return one to the search results that listed the book in the first place. I can't tell you the number of times I have searched for a term, ended up with 50 results, ordered one of them to be delivered, and then I have to either repeat the search or click the "back" button 4 times to get back to the other 49. Other searchable databases usually have this (see Amazon or Ebay, for example). Anonymous web request Open
Add separate buttons for ILL and Borrow Direct requests. D2C2 committee/Tom Completed fall 2014 Open
Every now and so often, I spot small typos and errors in transliteration in ORBIS entries. I wonder whether it might be possible to add a button to the catalog that makes it easy for patrons to flag possible problems of this kind, for a cataloger to review and verify. It is not a big issue (the mistakes are rare), but typos can of course make the difference between finding a book and overlooking it. Fabian Drixler Open

Orbis Documents