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YUL Interface Documents: Personal Librarians

For all library staff. This is a place to document all changes and decisions to library interfaces.

PL Instructions

he PL web site consists of a general entry page where students can search for their PL, a profile page for each PL, and a list of all the PL's.Your Personal Librarian page consists of information specific to the PL program, and information that comes from your web profile (things like your office location). You can edit information for both.

Important to do:

Review the information on these pages for accuracy.

Add a personal greeting (if you don't already have one).

Upload a good photo, at least 600 pixels high by 800 pixels wide. Any problem with that please contact We can help with taking a new photo.

An example site with instructions

Start at the Personal Librarian Page

Add a personalized greeting to your own PL page.

  1. Login to the Library's YaleSite: 
  2. Navigate to the page created for you  Examples:
    • If you cannot find a page with your firstname-lastname, please contact Meng Tang.
  3. Once at your PL page you should see a button above the text labelled Edit. Choose Edit. 
  4. If you had a PL page before on the old library web server, that text has been copied to the new page. The text you may edit is listed at the top of the Edit page in the PL Message text box.You may either edit the greeting that is there or add one. This is a personalized greeting you create to let students know something about you. An example:
  5. Additional information about headers to use

Edit Fields in Your Profile

To edit additional fields in your library profile go to,

  1. Type in your NetID to find your PL listing. At the far right side of the page click on "edit" under Edit Link. This will bring you to your profile listing information. Most of this information is not specific to just the PL page, and will eventually be used in your library directory listing.
  2. Do NOT edit the fields for Username, CAS, or E-mail address.
  3. Edit Fullname to show the name you like to use (may be slightly different than your official Username.
  4. Edit Title to show your official title as you want it to display.
  5. Add a photo:. Upload an image with landscaping layout of 3 by 4 ratio, minimum of 600px * 800px for better display. A simple head shot should work best. You may use color or black and white, as you prefer.
  6. Add any communication methods you like to use with students, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Chat. If you use a communication method not listed, you may use Other Contact for it.
  7. The ID for your Libguide profile will be listed. If you don't want a link to your Libguide profile page to be displayed, simply delete this text.
  8. Fields not filled out will not display. For example, if you do not have office hours, leave this field blank.
  9. Bio field is not used for PL pages.
  10. Select a Residential College if you are affiliated with one. Otherwise do not use.