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YUL Interface Documents: (Libcal)

For all library staff. This is a place to document all changes and decisions to library interfaces.


General Administration: Lauren King

Last Name First Name E-mail Address Business Phone Company Address Notes
Aloi Jennifer 432-2639 Arts Arts Room 118 Arts, Arts Special Collections, VRC, Classics
King Lauren 436-8456 Bass/Sterling Bass C30D All Bass calendars, Sterling priv, info, microform
Fitzgerald Moira 432-2973 Beinecke Beinecke Beinecke and Beinecke Exhibition Gallery
Stranz George 432-3303 Marx Library Marx Library Marx Library, KBT, Geology, Math
Burdick Susan 432-5288 Divinity Div. L101A Divinity, Divinity Special Collections
Zapata Cesar 432-7294 Law SLB 310 All Law calendars
Walker Susan 860-677-2140 Walpole Walpole All Walpole calendars
Hart Katie 785-5352 Medical Medical All Medical calendars
Rhodes Anne 432-1988 OHAM OHAM OHAM
Landis Bill 432-1069 SML Manuscripts and Archives SML 150 -I Manuscripts and Archives
Castonguay Remi 432-0497 SML Music ML112 All Music calendars
Thornell Lisa 432-2840 YCBA BAC YCBA Study Room
Morris Beth 432-2848 YCBA BAC YCBA, YCBA Reference Library & Archives

Libraries and Codes for Today's Hours Display


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Marx Library

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Yearly Schedule

Library hours are in the Hours module of Libcal ( There are four basic templates: Fall, Recess, Spring and Summer). 

July 1: Send first note to library contacts to prepare fall semester and fall hours

July 21: Send reminder.

August 5: Fall semester hours are due.

First Day of classes: Switch to the fall semester calendar.

November 1: send note to library contacts to prepare recess and spring semester hours

November 21: send reminder

December 1: Recess and Spring semester due

Last work day in December: switch to recess calendar

First day back from recesss: check that spring semester calendars are ready

First day of classes: make spring semester hours live

April 1: Send note to library contacts to prepare summer hours

May: Make summer hours live the first day exams are over.