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LGBTQI: Subject Guide: Essential Resources

Library guide to assist with research in LGBTQI studies

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Here are links to lists of journals and magazines that are indexed in these particular databases:



Gender Studies Database

Locating Articles

Journal articles can be found in a variety of places at Yale. One of the easiest ways is to use one of the library's many databases that is specific to the field of LGBTQ studies (see box below). Some databases have links to the full text of the journal article online.

Other databases just have citations and you then have to locate the full text of the journal article using our list of online journals and newspapers or Orbis.

To identify LGBTQ studies journals try searching Orbis using one of the following subject headings --

Homosexuality -- Periodicals

Gays -- Periodicals

Lesbians -- Periodicals

Queer theory -- Periodicals

Gender identity -- Periodicals


Searching for Articles in Databases

One place to find journal articles is to search in one of the library's many databases. Some of the databases provide you with a link to the full-text of the article. To locate others that are not full text, try one of these options:

In the database click on the Yale Links icon (show below)

This will take you to another window which identifies other databases that have full-text of your article. However your article may only be available in print so always check Orbis. If Yale doesn't have access to it, you can always request it through InterLibrary Loan.

Here are just a few that are specific to LGBTQ research:

Other Titles

Outweek Magazine Internet Archive - An online digitzed collection of all 105 issues of what was one of the most seminal magazines published during the peak time of AIDS activism (June 1989 - July 1991).

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