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Citation Management : Mendeley

A guide for all things citation management.

Download Mendeley

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You can download the Mendeley desk top product and sign up for their online version.

Tips for Getting Started with Mendeley

Adding References

Enter manually:

  • Drag and drop a PDF file or folder of PDFs into the desk top application.  Mendeley will extract citation information for that file.
  • Type in reference information by going to "File" in the toolbar, and choosing "Add Entry Manually."

Direct Export from your Favorite Database:

  • You will need the Mendeley bookmarklet at 

Writing a Paper

  • Install Word Plug in (From tool bar select "Tools"-"Install MS Word Plug In"). Launch your Word program. Click "add ins" from your menu bar to access your mendeley tool bar.
  • Put the cursor in your Word document where you would like a citation to appear.  Click "insert citation" from Mendeley tool bar. A window pops up that allows you to search your Mendeley library by author, title or year. Select desired reference and click "ok."
  • Another option is to choose "insert citation" and then click on "go to Mendeley."  This allows you to search for a citation directly within your Mendeley library, click on it, and choose the button "send citation to word processor."
  • You can also search groups from your library by choosing "insert citation" and then "My Library."

Create a Bibliography

  • Within your Word document, place cursor where you'd like the Bibliography to be then click "insert bibliography" from the Mendeley tool bar.
  • To change the citation style, highlight the bibliographic material and click the drop down menu on the Mendeley tool bar.  Select a stye listed there.
  • Citation styles available in Mendeley