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Citation Management : RefWorks

A guide for all things citation management.

Known issue with direct import from Scopus, Ovid

There is currently an issue with direct export to RefWorks from Scopus and Ovid products. While we wait for a solution from the vendors, here's a workaround you can use in the meantime:

Download RefWorks

Where is RefWorks?

  • Right here!
  • Google: RefWorks (use Yale VPN if off campus)

Create an account

  • Click on 'sign up for a new account'
  • Remember your password!


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Tips for Getting Started with RefWorks

Adding References

 Enter manually:

  • From the References drop-down, click on 'add new'.
  • From the reference type drop-down, select material type.
  • Enter information.
  • Click 'Save'

Connect to Yale's Online Catalog (i.e., get a book)

  • From the Search drop-down, click on 'online catalog or database'.'
  • Select 'Yale ORBIS' in the Search box.
  • Enter search terms in either 'quick search' or 'advanced search'.
  • Click 'search' at the bottom of the screen.

Direct Export from your favorite database (in general):

  • Conduct a search and select references to export.  Choose the RefWorks option.
  • RefWorks will open and import the reference.

Import a saved text file:

  • Conduct search; select references to save; use the 'save' to save as a text file (choose RIS file option).
  • Name file and remember where you saved it!
  • Go to RefWorks.
  • From the References drop-down, click on 'import'
  • Click on the Import Filter/Data Source drop-down; select source (what database you got the references from)
  • Browse to the file
  • Click on the Import into Folder to select the folder where you want the references
  • Click Import

Attend a class, watch a tutorial for more information about building your RefWorks database!

Writing a Paper

  • First, download Write-n-Cite Plug-In; from the Tools drop-down, click on Write-n-Cite; follow instructions
  • With Word open, 'log in' to the RefWorks toolbar using the code you will find in your RefWorks account, 'tools' ''write-n-cite'
  • With your document open, place cursor where the citation should appear
  • From the RefWorks Toolbar, click 'insert citation' then 'insert new'
  • Enter a term in the Search field to find the reference(s) or browse a folder
  • Highlight the citation(s) you want added and click 'ok'
  • To add bilbiography, click on 'blibliography options' from the toolbar and choose 'insert bibliography'

 Attend a class, watch a tutorial for more information about using RefWorks to write your paper!

Create a Bibliography

So easy!

  • First, from the Bibliography drop-down, click on 'create''
  • References: select the appropriate output style
  • Choose the file type for your bibliography
  • choose the references you want included in the blibliography in 'references to include' drop-down
  • Then click on 'create bibliography'

Attend a class, watch a tutorial for more information about using RefWorks to create a bibliography!