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Citation Management : EndNote

A guide for all things citation management.

Download EndNote X6

EndNote X7 is brought to you by the Yale University Library and Yale ITS. You can download from the Yale ITS software library.

Tips for getting started with EndNote

Adding References

Enter manually:

  • From the references drop-down, click on 'new reference'.
  • From the reference type drop-down, select material type.
  • Enter information and close.

Direct Export from your favorite database (in general):

  • Conduct a search and select references to export to Endnote
  • Locate and click on 'Export' or 'Send to' or 'Download' button.  Follow instructions.
  • Consult details for specific databases

Attend a class, watch a tutorial for more information about building your EndNote Library!

Writing a Paper

  • Open your document. Locate the EndNote toolbar (Windows: 'EndNote X7' on the ribbon; Mac: View>Toolbars>EndNote X7)
  • Write a brilliant sentence that needs a reference. Click on 'Go to EndNote'.
  • Select the citation that supports your brilliant sentence by clicking on it once to highlight.
  • Locate the 'Insert citation' icon and click on it.
  • Watch the in-text citation and reference appear in your word document.
  • Is it the wrong style? Click on the style drop-down and select another style.

Attend a class, watch a tutorial for more information about using EndNote to write your paper!

Create a Bibliography

So easy!

  • First, select ouput style by clicking on the 'Output Style' drop-down and selecting your style.
  • Select the references you want by clicking to highlight. To select all: Edit>Select All
  • Now here's the hardest part - from the Edit drop-down, click on Copy Formatted
  • Open a blank document. Paste. Voila

Attend a class, watch a tutorial for more information about using EndNote to create a bibliography!

Yale Specific Stuff


The filter YaleUCatalog.enf can be used to when you need to do a search in Orbis to capture information that the YaleU connection file misses. An example would be non-Roman characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc). Also, if this makes no sense to you and you want it to, contact your library liaison, personal librarian or Jan Glover []

To download the filter:

  • Windows: Program Files>EndNote>Filters
  • Mac: Applications>EndNote>Filters

To capture information from Orbis:

  • Do your Orbis search
  • Save selected results as .txt file
  • Go to EndNote
  • From File drop-down, select Import
  • Browse to the .txt file
  • From Other Filters, select YaleUCatalog
  • Click ok