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Student Guide to Chemistry Research: Home

Quick guide for locating resources for your research.

Find properties and reactions

Comprehensive source for research articles in chemistry. Search by substance for spectra.

Use to locate substance properties and reactions.

Provides information on the biological activities of small molecules including properties, safety, toxicity, and medical uses.

Find spectroscopic data

Comprehensive source for research articles in chemistry. Search by substance for spectra.

Spectral Database System for Organic Compounds (SDBS)
An integrated spectral database system for organic compounds.

Find medical uses

Provides reliable, up-to-date health information from the National Library of Medicine.

Current clinical information and recommendations on care and treatment. Provides a comprehensive, "up-to-date" review, from physiological concepts through results of the most recent clinical trials and protocols.

Find books and articles (Quicksearch)

Find research articles

Web of Science
Use to locate interdisciplinary articles and cited references.

Comprehensive source for research articles in chemistry. Registration is required to search SciFinder. Please note that Yale is transitioning to a new platform called SciFinder-n.

Find safety and toxicology information

Safety Data Sheets (MSDSonline)
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide detailed information prepared by the manufacturer or importer of hazardous chemicals. Access to SDS is provided by Yale Environmental Health & Safety. View  the MSDSonline tutorial.

Data available includes the Hazardous Substance Data Bank (HSDB) which provides peer-reviewed toxicology data (e.g. human health effects/toxicity). Start a search in the PubChem by entering a chemical name, molecular formula or identifier. See accessing HSDB Content from PubChem for additional information.

Dictionary of Substances and Their Effects
Information about thousands of chemicals and their impact on the environment, including detailed information about the toxicity of the chemicals, physical properties and regulatory requirements.

Find news

US Major Dailies
Full text access to the five US newspapers, including The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune.

Business-oriented database providing international coverage of thousands of news sources. Includes same-day and archival coverage of major and local newspapers from every corner of the globe.

Nexis Uni
Legal-oriented database providing full text news from national and international sources.

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EndNote Online and SciFinder require registration. Please register if you do not have an existing account.


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