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ENGL 342 The Poetess and the Woman of Letters: Searching for Books

A guide of library resources for students in Professor Naomi Levine's English 342 course.

Quicksearch and Orbis

Quicksearch is Yale Library's discovery tool. It is accessible via the Yale Library homepage. It can help you find books, e-books, journals (note: not individual articles!) databases, and items in Yale's digital collections. Watch the video on this page to learn more about searching Quicksearch.

Orbis is Yale Library's catalog. Like Quicksearch, it will help you locate books, e-books, journals, and databases.

Tips: Orbis is easier to use if you are searching for a book by title or author. Quicksearch is easier to use for keyword and subject searching. Quicksearch also searches Morris, the Law Library catalog.

Looking up a book using Quicksearch on the library home page

How to retrieve a book (what are call numbers)

Resources that are helpful as you begin your search