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Wellness Resources: Home

A Guide of Online and Library Resources to help you De-Stress

Soothing Sounds

Brown noise, also called Brownian noise or red noise, which emphasizes lower-frequency sounds. It has the deepest intensity of all noises and sounds like a low roar or rumbling. Examples of brown noise include: thunder, crashing waves, heavy rain, strong waterfalls and a shower.


  • Helps to Fall Asleep
  • Improve Concentration+
  • Drown out Distracting Noises
  • Promote Relaxation
  • Mask Tinnitus

In pink noise, the energy is usually higher at lower frequencies, resulting in a deeper, lower, and more balanced sound than, for example, white noise. Some examples of pink noise that you can find in nature are the constant sound of the rain, the rustle of the leaves, the gentle waves of the sea, the heartbeat, and the fan on low.


  • Helps to Fall Asleep
  • Allows Deep Sleep
  • Can Improve Memory
  • Can Improve Concentration

All sound waves can be broken down into two categories: frequency, or how fast the waveform is vibrating per second, and amplitude (or “power”). White noise is defined as noise that contains a mixture of all audible frequencies that human ears can hear (about 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz). This type of noise includes low-, midrange- and high-frequency sounds. 


  • Improve Sleep
  • Improve Concentration
  • Reduce Stress/Agitation

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Online Coloring

Jigsaw Explorer

Book Recommendations


Try some Guided Meditation Techniques with Headspace: Headspace - YouTube

Library Rooms

Photo of Wellness room at Yale medical library

Medical Library Wellness Room

Located in the Morse Reading Room, Room 113B

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Wellness Room is a space for all Yale and YNHH affiliates to enjoy a quiet moment away from work and study environments. Use this space to engage in quiet contemplation, de-stress, reflect, or participate in a wellness activity. Activities can include meditation, yoga, prayer, stretching, breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, and general relaxation breaks.

The Wellness Room is located on the first floor of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library in the Morse Reading Room. The room features a soft chair, clean rugs, and a large window with beautiful light. Please be respectful of this space and keep it a relaxing and clean room for all.

Privacy Booth

Located in the Morse Reading Room

Located opposite the Wellness Room, this privacy booth serves as a getaway from distracting noises. This space can be used for video conferences, private phone conversations, or just to enjoy some peace and quiet. 


Boost your mood and enhance your energy with the help of light therapy! CWML's HappyLight can be checked out at the circulation desk and is available for loan for up to four hours.

Campus Yoga & Meditation