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South Asia: Statistics and Databases: International Data

Sources for statistical data from South Asia and international data sets for comparative research..

Looking for older statistics and country information?

Many older statistical publications haven't been digitized, but they're a valuable source of historical country information. Yale has many of these print publications from around the world; try searching in Orbis using one of the following strategies.

  • keyword search: country statistics (e.g., france statistics)
  • keyword search: country statistics annual (e.g., bolivia statistics annual)
  • keyword search: country statistics abstract (e.g., nigeria statistics abstract)

Some of these publications change names over time, so check the "Continues" or "Continued by" information at the bottom of the Orbis record. When you've found a statistical publication from your country of interest, you can also use the subject heading(s) in the Orbis record to find additional related publications.