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Research Data Management: Research Data Policies

Research data is loosely defined as information collected, observed, or created for purposes of analysis to produce original research. This guide provides resources for managing your research data no matter the discipline.

Overview of Relevant Data Management Policies at Yale

Policy Description
Research Data and Materials Policy This policy applies to all research data and materials generated using Yale resources and to anyone involved in design, conduct or reporting of research. The policy reviews data ownership, retention, transfer, and sharing and access policies.
Data Classification Guideline This guidelines helps researchers understand how Yale classifies the risk of their data, and is useful for understanding how and where to store data to meet the minimum security standards below. Take this questionnaire to get started.
Minimum Security Standards All Yale Data Users must ensure the appropriate level of security for the data they use. Read this guide to get started.
HIPAA Policies and Procedures If your project must comply with HIPAA, familiarize yourself with all HIPAA policies and procedures related to data management.

Overview of Data Management Policies from Major Funders

Organization Policy DMP Required?
National Institutes of Health Data Management & Sharing Policy Yes
National Science Foundation Dissemination & Sharing of Research Results Policy Yes