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Research Data Management: Plan for Data

Research data is loosely defined as information collected, observed, or created for purposes of analysis to produce original research. This guide provides resources for managing your research data no matter the discipline.

What is a Data Management Plan?

Data management plans (DMPs) are documents that outline how data will be collected, stored, secured, analyzed, disseminated, and preserved over the lifecycle of a research project. They are typically created in the early stages of a project, and they are typically short documents that may evolve over time. Increasingly, they are required by funders and institutions alike, and they are a recommended best practice in research data management.

Tab through this guide to consider each stage of the research data management process, and each correlated section of a data management plan.

Tools for Data Management Planning

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Description generated with very high confidenceThe  DMPTool allows you to create data management plans from templates based on funder requirements using a quick-and-easy click-through wizard.

DMPTool is a collaborative effort between several universities to streamline the data management planning process.

The DMPTool supports the majority of federal and many non-profit and private funding agencies that require data management plans as part of a grant proposal application. (View the list of supported organizations and corresponding templates.) If the funder you're applying to isn't listed or you just want to create one as good practice, there is an option for a generic plan.

Key features:

  • Data management plan templates from most major funders

  • Guided creation of a data management plan with click-throughs and helpful questions and examples

  • Access to public plans, to review ahead of creating your own

  • Ability to share plans with collaborators as well as copy and reuse existing plans

How to get started:

Log in with your email to be directed to a NetID sign-in, and review the quick start guide.

Research Data Lifecycle


Additional Resources for Data Management Planning