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Research Data Management: Share & Re-use Data

Research data is loosely defined as information collected, observed, or created for purposes of analysis to produce original research. This guide provides resources for managing your research data no matter the discipline.

Choosing a Data Repository

There are two types of repositories -- generalist, which are multi-disciplinary, and domain-specific. You can both find data to re-use in these repositories, and deposit data from your project into these repositories. Policies vary for both data reuse and data deposit. See the Data Use Agreements tab for more information on what's involved when using and reusing data. 

Examples of generalist repositories: 

Examples of domain-specific:

To find more repositories, consult the Registry of Research Data Repositories.

Public Access to Federally Funded Research

Why share research data?

A Data Management and Sharing plan may be required by your grant funder.

Consult your funder's guidelines and policies.   The DMPTool provides quick links to many funder's requirements. 

In addition to funder requirements, data sharing is important because it can lead to a broader impact for your research and facilitate advances in science. Sharing your data in a subject repository will facilitate the sharing and re-use of your data.