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Yale Publications: University History


University History Includes:

  • Publications on the history of Yale from different time periods. This also includes publications about the history of Yale and its interactions and relationship with New Haven.


Call Number Title
Yda 879k

Kingsley's History of Yale

Yale College, a Sketch of its History, with Notices of its several Departments, Instructors, and Benefactors, Together with Some Account of Student Life and Amusements, by various authors. Ed. by William L. Kingsley.  Illustrated with views and portraits.

Yda 952p 1

George Pierson's History of Yale 1870-1937 (2v.)

Yale: College and University 1871 - 1937 v.1 by George Wilson Pierson
Yale: College and University 1921 - 1937 v.2 by George Wilson Pierson

Yda 1974k 3

Brooks Kelley's History of Yale

Yale; a History by Brooks Mather Kelley

Ydc 899w

Walter Camp's History of Yale

Yale, Her Campus, Class-rooms, and Athletics by Lewis Sheldon Welch and Walter Camp

Ydb 916o

Oviatt's History of Yale

The Beginnings of Yale 1701-1726 by Edwin Oviatt

Ydd4 953p

Osterweis's History of New Haven

Three Centuries of New Haven 1638-1938 by Rollin G. Osterweis