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Yale Publications: Academic departments

Yale College

For a full listing of Yale College academic departments, visit the Yale College department and programs website.  Departments not on this list can be searched directly in either Orbis or Quicksearch.  

Call number Department 
Yld African American Studies
Ylf Anthropology
Ylas Astronomy
Ylbi Biology
Ylr Chemistry
Ylec Computer Science
Yle East Asian Languages and Literatures
Yla Education 
Yjm Engineering and Applied Science
Yls13 H2 History
Yli Italian
Ylj Judaic Studies
Ylm Microbiology
Ylr27 Physics
Ylb Psychology
Yls Slavic Languages and Literatures
Ylso Sociology



Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Call Number Title
Yjf 31 Administration 
Yjf61 Admissions
Yjf65 Curriculum
Yjf75 Degrees and honors
Yjf81 Catalogs by field of study
Yjf9 G48 Graduate Employee and Student Organization (GESO)
Yjf98 Clubs and organizations


Professional Schools

Call number Professional School
Yjc School of Medicine
Yjd Divinity School
Yje School of Law
Yjg School of Art
Yjh School of Music
Yjk School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yjl School of Nursing
Yjm School of Engineering and Applied Science
Yjn School of Drama
Yjp School of Management
Yjq School of Architecture