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Yale Publications: Using Quicksearch

Quicksearch for Yale publications in Manuscripts and Archives

Yale Publications that are held by the Manuscripts and Archives department are cataloged with a "Yale Classification" call number.  You can use Quicksearch to find these items. First, go to the Books+ portion of Quicksearch:

Next, input a call number range from the Yale Classification in the search box and select "Call Number" instead of "All Fields" from the drop-down menu to the right of the search box. You may already have found a specific call number, but, if not, consult the "Y Classification," which breaks down the call number ranges and is a helpful way to get started on finding Yale Publications in Manuscripts and Archives. There is also more information on this elsewhere in this research guide!

Here's an example... If you're interested in, say, individual biographies, you can click on the "Yc" classification here ("Biography, Individual"), and the next page will display a specific breakdown of the call numbers for finding biographies about Yale students, faculty, administrators, honorary degree recipients, etc. The first classification on the list could be searched by inputting <yca> in the search box and selecting the "Call Number" search field from the drop-down menu:

*Please note: The results of this kind of search will sometimes include other holding libraries on campus, especially special collections repositories such as the Beinecke Library and Divinity Library Special Collections. And, on other occasions, the powerful Quicksearch search engine will include extraneous results.

good way to filter directly for materials that are at Manuscripts and Archives is to use the "Location" filter on the left sidebar of your results page and click on "Manuscripts and Archives." You can also run an Advanced Search where you use the Call Number field and Location field at the same time, inputting the call number range and the phrase "manuscripts and archives" in the search boxes.

*In summary:  Use the "Call Number" search and keep in mind the ways to filter your results as you use Quicksearch to find Yale Publications in Manuscripts and Archives. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact an archivist or librarian and ask!