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Yale Publications: Clubs & Greek-Letter Societies

Student Clubs

For a full listing of all student clubs and organizations, please visit the Student Groups and Activities website.  

Call number Title
Yeg8 P75 Yale Political Union
Yeg7 E3 Elizabethan Club
Yeg3 D7 Yale Dramatic Association
Yeg5 L6 Linonia Society (Includes Calliopean Society)
Yeg5 B7 Brothers in Unity
Yeg4 G4 Yale Glee Club
Yeg4 W5 Whiffenpoofs
Yp21 F7 Yale Film Society
Ydd8 WYBC Yale Radio
Yeg2 A12 Aurelian Honor Society
Yeg2 T6 Torch Honor Society
Yeg5 P8 The Pundits
Yp21 P2 Yale Dames
Yp21 Y16 Yale Choral Society



Senior Societies

Call number Title
Yeg2 R9 Skull and Bones (Russell Trust Association)
Yeg2 K61 Scroll and Key (Kingsley Trust Association)
Yeg2 P51 Wolf's Head
Yeg2 E3l Elihu
Y3g2 B25 Berzelius
Yeg1 D6 St. Elmo
Yeg2 W9 Manuscript Society (Wrexham Foundation)


Campus Fraternities

Call number Title
Yeg1 B7

Beta Theta Pi. Phi Chi Chapter

Yeg1 C43 Chi Phi. Omicron Chapter
Yeg1 D34 Delta Kappa. Alpha Chapter
Yeg1 D38

Delta Kappa Epsilon. Phi Chapter

Yeg1 D6 Delta Psi. Omicron Chapter
Yeg1 P61 Phi Beta Kappa
Yeg1 P95 Psi Upsilon. Beta Chapter
Yeg1 S12

Sigma Xi. Yale Chapter

Yeg1 Z7 Zeta Psi. Eta Chapter