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Citation Management : Off-Campus Links to Library Resources

A guide for all things citation management.

Link to Full Text

Most citation management tools allow you to save links to access the full-text for online material (e-books, online journal articles, etc.). To link to saved material from your citation management tool, you can either:

  • Import the citation file (.ris, .nbib, .ciw or .txt) into your citation tool, or
  • Ensure that you are either manually entering the proxied permalink

Note: In August 2020, the library changed the primary method for off-campus access from Cisco VPN AnyConnect to EZProxy. Citations imported after August 2020 may automatically include the proxied URL to access full-text from off-campus. If you have existing saved citations, or if you are unable to gain full-text access to content via your citation manager, you will need to either:

1) add the proxy prefix in the preferences for your citation management tool, or

2) use Cisco VPN AnyConnect to access

Continue reading for information on how to create a proxied permalink and how to add the library's proxy prefix to your citation management system preferences.

Add the Proxy Prefix to System Preferences

Many citation managers offer options to add proxy connections, which enables direct access to library resources from off-campus (without needing VPN).

To enable this function you will need to go into the advanced settings of your tool's preferences and look for an option to add a proxy URL.

 Yale Library's proxy URL is:
  • If you are using a tool and are unsure about adding a proxy prefix, first check with the providers help documentation for instructions.
  • If no information is available, contact Ask Yale Library with some information about the tool and we are glad to investigate!

Create a Permalink

Here are two ways to save proxied permalinks to the library's online resources:

Permalinks for material in Quicksearch

You can create permalinks for material found in Quicksearch by locating the handle. The handle is the URL that will direct you back to a saved version of the catalog record (for an e-book, audiobook, streaming video), which will include the correct proxied link for off-campus access.

From an item record in Quicksearch, look for "Bookmark as" at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste this URL when manually adding material from Quicksearch into a citation management tool.

A screenshot of the "Bookmark as" option in Quicksearch





Permalinks for online journal articles

Note: You can also create proxied permalinks for online journal articles by directly exporting the citation file to import into your citation management tool. In Articles+, permalinks will already have the proxy prefix included.

In a library database (such as JSTOR and EBSCOhost), look for a link or chain icon, which may be labelled "Permalink" when you hover over it. Copy and paste this URL and then manually add the library's proxy prefix URL to the front of it.

Yale Library's proxy URL is:

Screenshot of the permanet link option in Articles+Screenshot of the permalink option in EBSCOhost