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Latin American and Spanish Film : Finding Books at Yale

Library resources for Latin American and Spanish film studies.




These titles may be found in various reference collections on campus, as well as in the SML stacks or at LSF. In some cases multiple copies are held at different campus locations.

Encyclopedias and Guides

These titles may be found in various reference collections on campus, as well as in the SML stacks or at LSF. In some cases multiple copies are held at different campus locations.

These works primarily contain short pieces on directors, performers, critical concepts, etc.


Many of the encyclopedias may also include filmographies.

How to Find Books at Yale University Library

Finding Books Outside of Yale University Library

Retrospective Bibliography

Subject Headings

The following are Library of Congress subject headings that will help you find books on your topic. When searching ORBIS, the Yale University Library online catalog, enter the appropriate subject heading in the search box, selecting 'Subject Browse' in the drop down menu to the right of the box.

Motion pictures—[individual country or region, or directly by individual state or province]

Motion pictures—Latin America

Motion pictures—Mexico

Motion pictures—Brazil

Motion pictures—Caribbean Area

Motion pictures---Spain

Motion pictures, Spanish

These headings can be further divided, by type of item or more specific subject:

Motion pictures—Argentina—Catalogs

Motion pictures—Brazil—Bibliography

Motion pictures—Brazil—Dictionaries

Motion pictures—Chile—Plots, themes, etc.

Motion pictures—Cuba—Periodicals

Motion pictures—Latin America—History—Congresses

Motion pictures—Mexico--Filmography

Motion pictures—Mexico—Guadalajara

Motion pictures—Mexico—Catalogs

Motion pictures—Uruguay—Reviews

Motion pictures—Venezuela—History

Other subject headings include:

Motion pictures—Bibliography

Motion pictures—Book reviews—Indexes

Motion pictures—Catalogs

Motion pictures—Censorship

Motion pictures—Dictionaries

Motion pictures---Encyclopedias

Motion pictures—History

Motion pictures—Philosophy

Motion pictures—Political aspects [subdivided by country]

            Motion pictures—Political aspects—Chile

            Motion pictures—Political aspects—Chile—History

Motion pictures—Religious aspects

Motion pictures—Reviews

Motion pictures—Social aspects [can be subdivided by country]

Motion pictures—Social aspects—Latin America

Motion pictures and history

Motion pictures and the arts

Motion picture acting

Motion picture actors and actresses [can be subdivided by country]

            Motion picture actors and actresses—Mexico—      Biography

Motion picture audiences

Motion pictures and literature

Motion picture industry [can be subdivided by country]

            Motion picture industry—Brazil

            Motion picture industry--Brazil—History

            Motion picture industry—Brazil—History—Bibliography

Motion picture producers and directors [can be subdivided by country]

            Motion picture producers and directors—Argentina

Latin America in motion pictures

Latin Americans in motion pictures

Communism and motion pictures

Homosexuality in motion pictures

Politics in motion pictures

Sex role in motion pictures

Social problems in motion pictures

Women in motion pictures

Gangster films

Motion pictures for women

Juvenile delinquency films

Hispanic Americans in motion pictures---Encyclopedias

Comedy films

Other headings of interest:

Film adaptations---Technique

Film adaptations---History and criticism

Film criticism---Dictionaries



Motion picture industry---Dictionaries

Sound motion pictures---Encyclopedias

Feature films [can be subdivided by country]


Any individual’s name (surname, given names)—i.e., director, philosopher, performer, critic