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French Language and Literature: Newspapers and Journals in Occupied France

Library resources for French language and literature at Yale

Newspapers from Occupied France


This guide offers a list newspapers and journals in occupied France from 1940-45 available at Yale or available to Yale researchers through the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), of which Yale is a member. The guide does not attempt to offer a complete picture of all available newspapers from this period available on the Web. Items at CRL will need to be ordered through Interlibrary Loan. In a few instances, links to freely available resources, such a Gallica at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) are also included when they complement Yale holdings. Also included are direct links to material from the Archives Unbound (AU) database Voices from Wartime France 1939-1945: Clandestine Resistance and Vichy Newspapers. Worth reading as well is the provenance of AU collection--which is based on materials from the British Library which were acquired through a variety of means including neutral sources and intelligence activities. This guide is not available on the database, but can be found as a description of the original microfilm set here. For many items there are holdings in a variety of formats and available issues as listed in the right-hand column.

Newspapers and Journals in Occupied France

Au pilori:
hebdomadaire de combat pour la défense des interêts français;
​organe social de la rénovation française

SML Microfilm


SML and Beinecke: Print

SML: Microfilm


SML, Microfilm
1907:oct.-1914:aout 6,

1941, 1942

Archives Unbound (selected issues)

Confluences: revue mensuelle



Fontaine; revue mensuelle de la poésie et des lettres françaises. SML


SML and Beinecke: Print

SML: Microfilm

Je suis partout

Archives Unbound (6 issues):

Vol 1-4 in print

Microfilm (1930-44)


L’Emancipation nationale

SML: Microfilm


SML: Print: 1940-44

La Gerbe

Center for Research Libraries: Request microfilm via ILL

La Revue universelle

SML: Some volumes from 1940 and 1941

Le Figaro

SML: Microfilm

Gallica: up to 1942

Le Petit Journal

Archives Unbound

Le Révolution nationale

Center for Research Libraries:Request microfilm via ILL

Le Temps

Gallica: up to 1942


Archives Unbound (a few selected issues)

See also: Le Monde [microform], 1944-

Nouvelle revue française:
revue mensuelle de littérature et de critique

SML-most in stacks, a few at LSF

Paris Soir

Gallica: up to 1944

Archives Unbound

Pariser Zeitung 

Archives Unbound

Signal (German language magazine)

SML (print, use in Manuscripts and Archives only)

General Information on the French Press

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