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Korean Studies: Online Resources

A research guide for both online and print resources related to Korean studies available at Yale University Library.

North Korea related websites

Database Center for North Korean Human Rights 북한인권정보센터

DPR Korea Official webpage of North Korea

Information Center on North Korea 북한자료센터 provides extensive information resources on North Korea presented by the Ministry of Unification.

Institute of North Korean Studies 북한연구소 provides information on North Korea and unification. Included is information about NK, bibliographical information of books and serials, streaming, photos.

Ministry of Unification 통일부

North Korea Human Geography 북한지역 정보넷 provides a comprehensive database with these categories: administrative district information; natural geographical information; human geographical information; treasures and cultural properties; biographical information; folk culture; and multimedia

Pukhan net 북한네트 provided by the Chungang Ilbosa, this website contains detailed information on North Korea including current news, politics, economics, and much more.

The South-North Dialogue 남북회담본부 provides records and minutes about the dialogues between South Korea and North Korea.

UNIL/W 통일법제 데이터베이스 a full text database which includes law information regarding unification and the relationship between South and North Korea.

Uriminjokkiri 우리민족끼리 provides North Korean news from North Korea's Central News Agency. The contents include current news, the Korean Democratic Party, press releases, articles, literature, arts (movies, music) newspapers (Nodong Sinmun), etc.