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Continuing Medical Education (CME) Resources: McGraw-Hill Medical

This guide is to help clinicians, staff, and researchers at Yale find information about CME resources made available to them through the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at Yale.

About McGraw Hill

The library subscribes to several sections of McGraw Hill content, which include:

How to earn and redeem CME credits in Access platforms

  1. Create an account and sign in to your MyAccess personal profile
  2. If a title is eligible for CME credits, it will show on the table of contents page or from individual content pages when browsing inside a book or by navigating directly to a piece of content from one of the eligible titles or by discovering it via search
  3. After 30 seconds of reading the content, CME will be unlocked for the user and it will populate to the dashboard
  4. Click on the CME icon to begin the process of claiming credits
  5. The content must be assigned to a topical query
  6. Once a piece of content has been added to a query the user can continue browsing the site, or they can navigate to their MyAccess profile to close out and finish the process of claiming the credit
  7. Content can be saved in MyAccess profile for 1 year, or you can begin the process of claiming your credit immediately
  8. Clicking "earn CME credit" will bring you to a brief questionnaire. This questionnaire will ask general questions about the nature of your clinical query. it can also be saved to your account and continued at a later time
  9. Once the questionnaire has been completed, the credits can be claimed immediately or saved for later up to one year
  10. Once your credits have been claimed your certificate can be printed immediately and a copy is also automatically saved to the "earned credits" portion of the My CME section in your MyAccess profile.