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This guide provides a central location for fund managers and subject librarians to access information for the selection, acquisition, renewal, and promotion of library materials. It includes relevant departmental contact information, procedures and processes, guidelines, fund management tools and practices, vendor information and pricing, training information, and historical collection development reports and documents.

The guide is maintained by the Collection Development, Monographic Processing Services (MPS), and Electronic Resources & Serials Management (ERSM) departments. Please send Amauri Serrano suggestions or proposed changes to this guide.

Who to contact?

Collection development and acquisitions questions can be complex and not easily answered by a single person. Please use the following list as a guide. When in doubt, contact your departmental collection development librarian and/or Amauri. Please copy your departmental collection development librarian on all collections related questions or correspondence.

E-resource and serial acquisitions except individual eBooks in GOBI:

Approval plans, acquisition of monographs, individual eBooks in GOBI, and tangible materials:

E-resource invoicing:

Major vendor and consortial pricing and questions:

Pricing for subject specific materials:

  • Departmental collection development librarian


  • First: Departmental collection development librarian
  • Sandra Enimil, Copyright Librarian and Contracting Specialist,

Verification of acquired or licensed content:

E-resource cataloging and discovery:

Usage statistics for electronic resources:

Update vendor contact information: (e.g. new sales representative)

Committees & Groups