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Books located in call number areas MED Hist A – Med Hist E621 N55 2023 (LC) in the Historical Library are currently inaccessible due to furniture shifting. Please put aside (or cancel if available at another Yale library) any call slips from that location.

On Tuesday, the 24/7 room will be closed from 7am-4pm for repairs

The elevator accessible through the Morse Reading Room is out of service until August 6th. This is the only handicap-accessible means to the Cushing Center so please keep this in mind when someone has a question regarding getting down to the Cushing Center.

The water dispenser located by the main elevator downstairs is out of service. If anyone asks where to get water, please direct them to the water fountain by the downstairs restrooms.

I've created QR codes that are linked to counters for the printer paper stored in the supply closet downstairs and for the receipt paper at the circulation desk. The QR code for the printer paper is taped on a wall in the supply closet. The QR code for the receipt paper is taped on the door of the cabinet below the chargers, and the remaining receipt paper is also in that cabinet.

When either QR code is scanned, it will auto-decrease the Current Amount listed for the item. When that number reaches five, an email will automatically be sent to our Senior Admin Assistant Christine requesting a re-order.

When the QR code is scanned, you will be taken to a page. Select the 'Run Flow' button. Note: You may be asked to log in with your Yale Credentials. Please let me know if you have access issues.

While at the Circulation Desk

  • Courteous behavior towards Library patrons and staff is imperative

  • If asked a question that they cannot answer, the student employee should seek the assistance of a member of the Library Staff

  • Library work comes first

  • The student employee should not encourage friends to visit while they are working

  • Student employees should remain in their assigned areas unless they need the assistance of a member of the Library staff or are fulfilling other assigned duties.

  • Please inform the Circulation Supervisor and step away from the desk if you need to make a personal phone call

  • Please do not eat at the circulation desk, please eat in rooms 101 or 101A (unless they're reserved for scheduled meeting),  entrance lobby, or the staff lounge located on the E-Level (have to be swiped in by a library staff member).

  • If working a double shift (two 4-hour shifts), you are allowed to take one 30-minute lunch/dinner break and two 15 minute breaks.

  • Please keep desk clutter at a minimum (personal tablets and laptops can be used, but please keep interference with circulation computers at a minimum to avoid confusion. If stepping away from the circulation desk for an extended period, please put away all personal items).

Phone Etiquette

How to answer the phone:

  1. Answer the phone: “Hello, Yale Medical Library, how may I help you?” 

  1. If it is a recording you can hang up, if not find out what they need  

  1. If you need to ask for help from a staff member, let the patron know you are placing them on hold, then press hold before getting help  

  2. If you need to transfer the call, hit transfer --> enter extension (last 5 digits of phone number) --> complete  

  3. Extensions-list of CWML staff extension numbers can be found in the circulation guide folder

  4. You can also provide patrons with the email address of the needed contact. Business cards are located to the left of the circ computers. You can also view them under the Staff Directory

Work Tasks

  • Periodicals Shifting in Sub-Basement (instructions and breakdown of tasks are located under the 'Projects' tab
  • Cleaning and helping to organize supplies at circulation desk

Charger Compatibility Charts

Book Display of the Month

Stats Tracker

Please be sure to use this tracker to record the type of questions received while staffing the desk. This is an essential tool for collecting and reporting an aspect of our circulation statistics for our annual reports.

Important Links

Site Schedules




-Caitlin Meyer: Contact for Physician Assistant/Associate

-Janene Batten: Contact for School of Nursing

-Kate Nyan: Contact for School of Public Health

-Kaitlin Throgmorton: Contact for Research Data help

-Clinicians/YNHH: Contact Janene Batten, Melissa Funaro, Alexandria Bracket (Lexi), Holly, Zsuzsa Nemeth or Alyssa Grimshaw

-Melissa Graffe: Contact for Historical Library information/materials/classes or events