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SCOPA: Standing Committee on Professional Awareness: Resources

Information about the programs and initiatives to support professional development at Yale University Library

Professional Resources

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SCOPA Resources Page

Professional Resources at Yale and Beyond

Yale has several affinity groups and employee resource groups. Each of the groups support recruitment, retention, education, advocacy, and community building. A list of affinity groups is hosted on the It’s Your Yale page:

Library Reading, Discussion, and Interest Groups

Digital Humanities Resources

  • Digital Humanities / Text Data Mining - The Digital Humanities Lab maintains an informal, non-circulating collection of books related to their programs and services. Stop by the DH Lab to browse these resources.


Publishing Outlets

Project Management

SCOPA has occasionally facilitated Project Management trainings and forums. For documentation relating to the spring 2017 Project Management Forum, please see the SCOPA PM Google Folder.

The following training resources are also available:

Digital Humanities Lab:

Offers a wide range of online project management courses including learning software such a Basecamp and Microsoft project management.

Project Management Institute:

If you are interested in a becoming a certified project manager, PMI offers different levels and specialties of project manager certification.  You can also join PMI which allows you access to their publications and local chapters to get involved in.

Yale Basic PM Training Curiculum:



SCOPA: Contact Information

Have an idea for a Forum? Contact SCOPA.

Committee Membership: 2019-2020

  • Alexandria Brackett (Chair)
  • Jessica Bower
  • Barbara Esty
  • James Kessenides
  • Monika Lehman
  • Sarah Lerner
  • Stephen Naron
  • Natalia Sciarini

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