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PHYS/ASTR 040: Expanding Ideas of Time and Space: Home

A guide with library resources for this course.

Important Updates

If you are not on campus right now, please visit our remote access page.

  • Most library resources are available via a URL proxy prefix, but you can also download and install the VPN. Being connected to the VPN makes our electronic resources behave as if you were connected to YaleSecure.
  • Resources accessed from the library website and catalog will automatically use the off-campus access URL prefix. If you are off-campus, not on the VPN, and NOT accessing a resource through the library website, the prefix is ... and you would get to JSTOR by putting that in front of the JSTOR URL:
  • Sometimes, we have access to a resource through an aggregator, not the publisher's website. In those cases, checking the library website for access is very useful.

We have a purchase request form if you need something that is not currently available. For questions about open access publishing, information about our open access memberships is available here.

An Introduction


M82 HST ACS 2006-14-a-large web

Image credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) / Public domain


This guide is a custom introduction to library resources for PHYS 040 (ASTR 040), Expanding Ideas of Time and Space: An Introduction to Relativity, Cosmology and the Universe

In this guide, you will find:

  • Information on how to locate and cite sources for your papers.
  • Detailed guidance on how to access Scientific American and other key resources.
  • My email and other contact information — just in case you need more guidance.

Video Intro to the Guide

Hello! If you want to view a video introduction to this guide, follow this link.

Note: You will have to log in with your netID to see the video.

In a Hurry? Top Resources!

Science Research Support Librarian

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Kayleigh Bohemier
Please email me or use the Schedule Appointment button. In-person and virtual (Zoom) appointments are both possible. Please note that Science Hill is a 15-minute walk from central campus, and there is a temporary entrance due to construction.

My default ONSITE days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. During the semester (not during breaks!), I am onsite on Thursdays. I am OFFSITE most Mondays.


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