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Ethnicity, Race, and Migration: Migration

This subject guide is created to provide introductory resources in the areas of ethnicity, race, migration, and indigeneity.


The Oxford Dictionary of Geography defines migration as the movement of people.On this page you will be provided resources that will help inform your research on migration, these resources will include:

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Migration Research Guides

*The materials here have been gathered by others... please check Yale resources to see if we have access

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These resources are from international organizations that are concerned with the impact of migration. Often these organizations will have reports and analysis that may not be found in academic literature; indeed, often these sources can be considered primary sources as some experiences of people who migrate may be difficult to access.

Statistics and data on immigration, migration, refugees, displaced persons

These initial sources are international sources to help understand the demographic shifts across the globe and to the US. Below resources will be provided to conceptualize migration within the United States.


Understanding local migration statistically will often rely on access to census information and studies done utilizing census data. One caveat to be aware of is that the way that the census explore race and ethnicity has shifted over time, and the census is supposed-to* protect individual identities, and so, a small community of people of a certain demographic may be difficult to pinpoint as that would lead to them being easily identified.

*- One major exception is the Japanese Incarceration, after which laws have been passed to ensure this information should be used more ethically. 

Interesting/Local Resources

Think tanks and Important Links

Think tanks provide policy analyses that may assist in understanding approaches to migration and/or race/ethnicity by governmental administrators.

Not specific to migration, but helpful