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Traditional Medicine, Science, and the Politics of Healing in the U.S.: Ebooks and Articles

A guide for Ximena Lopez Carrillo's class, Traditional Medicine, Science, and the Politics of Healing in the U.S. (ER&M 309)

Helpful E-books

Library Homepage Search Box-Quicksearch

This is the search box that appears on the Yale University Library home page. Use Quicksearch and enter search terms in the box to get started searching. Don't worry about being too precise at first; you can easily narrow down your results later by clicking on the results and using the choices on the left hand side. 


In your results screen, you'll notice a quilt of results, in all kinds of genres and formats.  Click on the column on the left to help narrow your results.
Quicksearch search results boxes

Narrowing down to online books in Quicksearch

In Quicksearch, how do you limit to books that are only available online?
Click on Books+ and hit the Advanced Search button right next to the search box.
Under Format, limit to "online," and add your keywords and publication date range to find books on the topic you want in the time period you are exploring. 
Keep in mind that search terms change over time. For example, instead of city, authors may have used "inner city," "urban," "ghetto," etc., depending on the time period.


Search Techniques to Find Books on Your Topic

Linked subjects in the catalog are like #hashtags

Catalog records for books include linked subjects, which work similar to #hashtags: when you click on a linked subject, you will return results from the catalog of more books on that same subject.

  • Pro-tip: If you have found only ONE book, or if you have a book from your syllabus, look for a linked subject to identify other books from Yale Library on that same topic. You might find something better!

Screenshot of the hyperlinked subjects found within Orbis and Books+ in Quicksearch

Other subjects and keywords to consider when searching for books on this topic, pairing these with other search terms, like specific countries, and the term "history":
For example, try this linked subject: Chiropractic > United States > History.
Some search terms that might help surface books and other materials, in combination with the words "history" and/or "United States":
chiropractic or chiropractor
mental health
herbal or herbal medicine
alternative medicine

integrative medicine
traditional medicine
folk medicine

Google Books

Man practicing yoga

Yoga Journal from November 1975

Do you know that you can find primary sources and popular magazines and journals on Google Books?
Here are the steps!

  1. Go to Google Books.
  2. Search for your term (for example, cholera)
  3. In your results screen, you'll see "Any time" just under the Videos tab under the search bar.
  4. In the "Any time" tab, click "Custom Range," and put in the time period you want.
  5. Once you click on a book, if you see a red "E-book free," it is free to download.  You can click the cog in the top right corner of the screen to download the book as a PDF

Be aware that books before 1923 are more likely to be fully available online, because of U.S. Copyright law.  Libraries digitized many of their books before 1923.  After 1923, you may find government publications fully online or previews of certain books.

Google also provides free access to a number of magazines, like Life magazine (one of the most popular magazines between 1950-1970, full of health and medicine articles and advertisements), Ebony and Jet (for African-American audiences).  Click on any of these links, or on any cover of one of the magazines, and you'll see an option to "Search all issues" that you can click right under the search box:

You can search for your topic through all the issues, so no need to click on each cover!  While you can't download the magazines, you have free access to all the content.

Don't forget to use Google Scholar for articles, which you can also narrow down to certain dates.  And make sure you are logged into Yale's VPN, as Google Scholar connects to our VPN to give you access to articles.