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Classics: Classics Call Numbers

A guide to online and print library resources for the study of all aspects of Greco-Roman antiquity at Yale University.

Classics Call Numbers

Call Numbers

The Yale Libraries uses both the Library of Congress (LC) classification system and, for older materials, the Yale Classification System.

For the most part, material for the study of classical antiquity is located in the LC classes PA "Classical Philology and Literature," and DE, DF, and DG, for general Mediterranean, Greek, and Roman history respectively. Yale Classification for ancient history is largely the same as the Library of Congress and in the Classics Library the books are shelved together. The equivalent of PA in the Yale Classification is G3-Gr. However, a substantial amount of relevant material is distributed elsewhere in the LC and Yale classification systems, largely according to the subject matter of the work.

Editions of classical works in the original languages are, as a rule, classified under call number PA (LC) and G (Yale), with some exceptions. Translations of classical literary works (e.g. poetry, drama) are classified under PA and G; however, translations into English of "nonliterary" works, such as history, philosophy, and geography are usually classified according to their subject matter--so, for example, translations of Plato and Aristotle will generally be in the "B's" as philosophy. Classifications of commentaries and secondary literature on such works is a bit less consistent.

Other Yale Libraries

In addition to the Classics Library, an extensive circulating collection of classical material is housed at Yale's Sterling Memorial Library (SML), also shelved using both the LC and Yale Classification systems . Additional classical reference works can be found in SML's Starr Reference Room. Material on classical art and architecture can also be found at the Haas Family Arts Library. Older and less frequently used material is located at the Library Shelving Faculty (LSF) and can be requested for pick up at many campus libraries, although not at the Classics Library.

PA: Philology & Literature

PA: Classical Philology

  • PA1–9 Periodicals
  • PA51–85 History, study & teaching
  • PA111–199 Greek & Latin Language
  • PA201–1179 Greek Philology & Language
    • PA600–691 Hellenistic (κοινή) Greek
    • PA700–791 Biblical Greek
    • PA1001–1179 Medieval & Modern Greek
  • PA2001–2995 Latin Philology & Language
  • PA3000–3049 Classical Literature (In General)
  • PA3050–5868 Greek Literature
    • PA3300–3371 Papyri
  • PA6000– Latin Literature

D History

D: History

  • D51–90 Ancient History (General)
  • DA145–147 Roman Britian
  • DC62–63 Roman Gaul
  • DE The Greco-Roman World
    • DE1–15 General
    • DE27–31 Geography
    • DE46–73 Culture and Civilization
    • DE80–98 History
  • DF1-500 Ancient Greece (to c. 323 A.D.)
    • DF10–16 General
      • DF10 Periodicals
      • DF12 Sources & Documents
    • DF75–135 Civilization & Culture
    • DF207–241 History
      • DF207–218 General
      • DF220–241 By Period
      • DF251–289 Local History
  • DG1–399 Ancient Italy, Rome to 476 A.D.
    • DG11–16 General
      • DG11 Periodicals
      • DG13 Sourcebooks
    • DG42–70 Local and Regional History
      • DG61–69 City of Rome
    • DG75–190 Civilization & Culture
    • DG201–365 History
      • DG221–365 History by Period
  • DS54.3 Ancient Cyprus
  • DS71–75 Ancient Iraq to 638 A.D.
  • DS81 Phoenicia
  • DS96 Ancient Syria, including the Seleucids
  • DS111–123 Ancient Israel
  • DS275–287 Iran to 651 AD
  • DT57–93 Ancient Egypt, including the Ptolemies (DT92)

Other Call Numbers

B108–708 Ancient Philosophy

BL700–820 Classical Religion and Mythology

BR160–240 Early History of Christianity

CE21–46 Ancient Chronography

CE42–46 Greek & Roman Calendars

CJ201–1400 Ancient Numismatics

CN1–1100 Ancient Epigraphy

G82–88 Ancient Geography

G1033 Atlases of the Ancient World

GT530–580 Ancient dress and costume

GV17–35, 573 Ancient Sports and Games

HC31–39 Ancient Economic History

HD132–137 Ancient Economic History (Land)

HD4844 Labor in the Ancient World

HF355–381 History of Ancient Trade and Commerce

HN9–10 Ancient Social History

HQ13 Ancient Sexuality

HQ505–12 The Family in Antiquity

HQ1127–1139 Women in the Ancient World

HT863 Ancient Slavery

JC51–93 Ancient Political Institutions & Theory

KJA Roman Law

ML162-169 Ancient Music

N5320-5899 Fine Arts in Antiquity

NA210–340 Ancient Architecture

NA69–169 Ancient Sculpture

ND60–135 Ancient Painting

NK610–685 Ancient Decorative Arts

NK1180–1250 Ancient Decoration and Ornament

NK4645–4654 Greek & Roman Vases

P901–1099 Extinct Asian and European Languages

R126–127 Ancient Medical Works

R135 History of Ancient Medicine

T16 Ancient Technology

U29–35 Warfare in Antiquity

Z105–115 Paleography, Z7016–7030 Bibliography of Classical Languages and Literature