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Yale Library

Cambodian Newspaper Project: Non-Yale Library holdings

A collection of Cambodian newspapers in the 1990s, a transition period when Cambodia emerged from a communist to a liberal democratic state. A historical collection that can tell so many stories Cambodia experienced during this transition period.

Non-Yale library holdings by institutions

California State University

A subject search of "Cambodia Newspapers" in the library catalog hits 210 records. Not all of them are newspaper titles but some of them are newspaper related publications or journals. It is important to point out that this was a search of the entire Cal. State University library and a lot of these records found are duplicate. To search the library catalog for these titles Click HERE.

Center for Research Libraries

Browsing a newspaper collection by country shows 16 newspaper titles ranging from the 1960s to early 1970s. All of them are in microfilm. To see these titles, Click HERE.

Cornell University Library

A subject search of "Cambodia newspaper" in the library catalog shows 59 newspaper titles. Some are in microfilm while some others are not and were also not fully catalogued. To search library catalog these titles, click HERE.

Georgetown University

A search by subject of "Cambodia newspapers" in the library catalog hits one result only. That is a record of "Mahanagar". To view this record Click HERE.

Havard University Library

Searching under HOLLIS of Havard Library catalog with LC subjects "Cambodia Newspapers" hit 17 titles. To view each of them in details, Click HERE.

Johns Hopkins University

A search by subject of "Cambodia Newspapers" does not hit any records at all but "Cambodia periodicals" search hits 16 records including the prominent ones such as "Kambuja: monthly illustrated review" and "Etudes cambodgiennes". To view these records Click HERE.

Library of Congress

Subject browsing under the library catalog with "Cambodia newspapers" show 5 titles. All of them were newspapers in the 1960s and are in microfilm. However, if browsing with "cambodia periodical" shows 31 records that includes some newspapers that were not shown under "Cambodia Newspapers". To go to the library catalog click HERE.

University of California

Seaching by LC subjects of "Cambodia newspapers" with Melvyl, a library catalog of the entire University California Libraries that customized in WorldCat hits 25 records of Cambodian newspapers. All of them are microfilm. To see the detail of the list and the individual title click HERE.

University of Hawaii

A subject browsing of "Cambodia newspapers" in the library catalog hits only two records of two newspaper titles - Rasmei Kampuchea and the Phnom Penh Post. To search the library catalog for these titles Click HERE.

University of Michigan

Subject search of "Cambodia newspapers" in Mirlyn, the library catalog of the university, hits three records. The first item is the videorecording of "The Post" while the second is a microfilm of "Le petit Cambodgien". The third is the online record of the "Phnom Penh Post". To view the search results, click HERE.

University of Washington

A search by LC subjects of "Cambodia" and "newspapers" in the library catalog shows 46 records of the newspaper titles. Almost all of them are in microfilm. Click HERE to view each title in the holdings.

University of Wisconsin-Medison

A subject searching and browsing of "Cambodia newspapers" under MadCat, the universitylibrary catalog, does not hit any results. But a subject browsing of "Cambodia periodicals" hit 16 records. To search the library catalog, click HERE.